Previously Mr. Meyer was Chief Scientist, VP and Fellow at
Brocade Communications, where he works on future
directions for Internet technologies. His current focus
is the use machine learning (and in particular deep
learning) for networking applications.  Prior to joining
Brocade, he was a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco
Systems, where he also worked as a developer, architect,
and visionary on future directions for Internet
technologies. Most recently he served as the chair of the
Technical Steering Committee of the OpenDaylight Project
(he is currently the Chair of the OpenDaylight Board of
Directors). He has been a member of the Internet
Architecture Board (IAB) of the the IETF (www.ietf.org)
and the chair/co-chair of many working groups. He is also
active in the operator community, where he has been a
long standing member of the NANOG (www.nanog.org), RIPE,
and APRICOT program committees (and served as NANOG
program committee chair from 2008-2011). Mr. Meyer is
also a frequent speaker at major industry and academic

Mr. Meyer is also currently Director of the Advanced
Network Technology Center at the University of
Oregon where he is also a Senior Research Scientist in
the department of Computer Science.. One of his major
projects at the University of Oregon is routeviews (see

Prior to joining Cisco, he served as Senior Scientist,
Chief Technologist and Director of IP Technology
Development at Sprint. 

Contact me

Email: dmm613@gmail.com
More Information: https://davidmeyer.github.io/